All the Rage: Khaki Bomber Jackets


As we transition from Fall to Winter, I am sure all online shoppers have noticed that bomber jackets have taken over the “outerwear” sections of all online shops.  I was skeptical at first & feared I might feel a tad bit too G.I. Joe, but I went ahead and ordered one to put my styling skills to the test. I opted for a traditional Khaki Bomber from Boohoo (Gracie MA1) to test it out and I actually really ended up liking it! I will definitely be buying other colors.

For this post, I styled the jacket two ways: one is going out friendly & one is casual. Hope these looks inspire your next bomber looks!

Outfit #1:

Boohoo Curved Hem Mock Neck Dress

Jeffrey Campbell Mulders

Quay Maci Sunnies

Outfit #2:

Bp Black Tank Top

BDG High Waisted Pants (DIY Slits)

Dr. Marten 1460 Smooth Black Boots

Quay On the Prowl Sunnies


OOTD: La Jolla Livin’


After the madness of the California Bar Exam I was able to enjoy some down time as my time living in So Cal comes to an end.  I visited La Jolla with my parents and spent the day having some bubbly along the coastline, shopping, and enjoying a jazz filled evening at the Hotel Valencia.

During a previous visit to La Jolla I learned the hard way that it’s beach slopes are NOT made for heels so I opted for some cute white sandals.  I was able to dress up these cute shift dress by adding a gorgeous statement necklace & some cat eye shades I recently ordered from Nasty Gal.

See the links below:

Dress: BB Dakota “Elsa” Fringe Dress

Purse: Michael Kors Large “Jet Set” Crossbody

Sunglasses: Nasty Gal SOLD OUT *dupe*

Sandals: Just Fab “Mylah”

Riding Elephants with the Karen Tribe


Whenever we participate in any animal related activities while traveling, we like to do our research to ensure we only visit attractions that treat animals with care & dignity.  After looking into several elephant encounters in Thailand, we found that visiting Elephant Discovery in Chiang Mai would be best.  Elephant Discovery allows visitors to interact with these gentle giants in their own environment.  Instead of transporting these special animals into town and transporting them back at the end of the busy day you can visit them in their own home where they are most comfortable.  In addition, these elephants spend the day with one group of visitors and are allowed to eat throughout the excursion and swim.   The inner city elephant attractions over exert elephants by trying to fit in as many visitors as they can each day, which results in their exhaustion. The elephants at Elephant Discovery seemed happy, playful, and healthy.

The jungle that is home to these precious creatures is about 2 hours outside of Chiang Mai.  In addition to being their natural home, it is home to Thailand’s very own Karen tribe.  The elephants and tribe share a special bond and have been a significant part of each other’s history in the region.  The Karen tribe feeds and cares for the elephants and the elephants are central to their daily lives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bond with these special animals in their own environment and learn about them from those who know them best.  It was a special experience to learn the history of the Karen tribe and enjoy their culture by wearing their traditional clothing and hearing stories about their unique bonds with these animals.


I highly recommend visiting Elephant Discovery when visiting Chiang Mai to ensure an authentic experience with Thailand’s elephants.  In addition, you will be helping the Karen Tribe and those who live in the area.  Don’t miss your chance to interact with happy & healthy elephants who will give you an unforgettable day.

Follow the link below to find out more!



OOTD: Comfy & Casual in Stripes


There are few places that make me as happy as Disneyland, after all, it is the Happiest Place on Earth! Nothing calls for a cute & comfy outfit like a a day at an amusement park.  I opted for my Shopakira “Take Over Tunic” (SOLD OUT) my Lululemon Wunder Under Crop Pants & my classic white converse.  Comfy/Cute is slowly becoming a go to look!

Happy Monday!

Suites of the Gods: Santorini, Greece


I am almost certain it was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that put Santorini on the top of every girl’s travel bucket list circa 2005.  Since then, I had always dreamed of visiting the land of the blue roofs to take a plunge in Santorini’s cerulean waters and perhaps even meeting a handsome Kostas of my own! So when I had the opportunity to add Santorini to one of my Eurotrips, I simply couldn’t pass it up!

Suites of the Gods is situated on Santorini Island, which is also known as the island of Thira.  This hotel sits overlooking the Athinios port and the gorgeous Aegean Sea Caldera. The Suites of the God is located less than 10 minutes away from Fira, which is the downtown area of the island.  Upon check-in we were able to rent a smart car to drive around the island.  Everyone on the island uses either smart cars or ATVs to get around since the island is so small.  Although it was hilarious trying to squeeze my 6 foot boyfriend into the smart car, we actually really enjoyed the ease of getting around. The staff will be more than happy to assist you with transportation and if exploring on your own isn’t your thing, they offer great shuttle services.

The hotel’s set up is simply magical and offers numerous areas for private time and relaxation.  There are a few outdoor pools for your enjoyment and different seating areas to take in the once in a lifetime sunset. As you can see, the hotel’s many levels along the cliff side provide visitors with a chance to explore and set up a relaxing area of their own. Each suite in the hotel is a unique blend of modern amenities with Cycladic architecture, remaining true to Greek culture.  The hotel and it’s staff offers visitors a unique Greek experience that is centered around relaxation. 

The true magic of the Suites of the Gods comes everyday at sunset. Take a seat on one of the Hotel’s viewing areas along the cliff and take in the beauty of a Santorini sunset. I recommend enjoying the sunset with a bottle of Greek wine from a local vineyard, thank me later. 

After a long day of sight seeing and exploration, there is nothing better than arriving home to your own Greek bath.  Enjoy some down time in your own stone tub surrounded by candles.  The hotel provides you with tea candles and everything you need for a relaxing, spa-like bath.  This feature was a highlight of our stay at  Suites of the Gods.

When you’re finally ready for bed you can snuggle into your comfortable & romantic bed.  Thank you Suites of the Gods for providing the perfect home base in Santorini.  It was certainly one of the most memorable hotel stays.

Head over the The Suites of the Gods website to explore for yourself.

TIP:  Be sure to book a spa service while staying here.  Enjoy a milk bath, facial, and relaxing massage inside of a Greek cave for one the most unique spa experiences on earth!

Flight Essentials


After five years of what seems to be never ending travels-you would think I would have mastered the art of flying with ease.  However-if you know me-I am sure you are aware that I still EPICALLY fail.  I am either running late-missing something I need-or (most tragic) scrambling last minute to meet the luggage weight requirement.  (BTW I still think 50 pounds is completely irrational).  However, there are a few essentials that ease my travels and help me make the best of each flight.

Flying somewhere is without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of travel! It is the beginning of all vacations and definitely the pinnacle of energy. BUT- from a beauty stand point, flying can be BRUTAL!  It dries our skin, swells our bodies and drains energy.  For this reason, I ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS pack beauty essentials.  My in flight beauty regimen is based on one idea: moisturizing!! I know it is tempting to travel in full glam, but as I get older I realize the importance of caring for my skin.  Ladies-the longer the flight-the more beauty care you need. I do not mind being the crazy lady in 5A rocking a full moisturizing face mask. *Insert hand raising emoji* These are my three keys to moisturizing on a flight:

1) Sephora Pomegranate “Anti-Fatigue & Energizing” Face Mask $6

2)Evian Mineral Water Spray $12.50

3) FRESH Lip Treatment $22.50

I guess its concerning that I place my beauty regimen as a higher priority than comfort, but c’est la vie.  Anyway, comfort is also one of my main concerns while flying.  And in reality-if I could only take ONE thing on board with me-it would be my travel pillow.  Use your pillow throughout your travels from a bumpy flight-to long train rides-or even as a comfy pillow in your hotel.  Splurge & buy a memory foam pillow ($40-$50)-thank me later. If I am flying the red eye- I need both a sleep mask & a cool mask. The “stay cool” mask ($12) soothes your eyes and will reduce puffiness after a long flight.

For entertainment purposes- I always recommend packing a great pair of headphones, a book, and either a journal or planner.  I am completely in love with my purple beats and take them on every trip.  Although I’m usually asleep on flights-I do occasionally stay awake to read a good book.  (Yes I am re-reading Eat,Pray, Love ATM for like the 100th time).  I also like to carry my planner with me every where! You never know when you need to consult your calendar-edit your itinerary-or jot down ideas.  This Kate Spade Planner ($36) is life changing! Its full of quirky inspirational quotes for each month & an easy to read layout…you will love it.

Lastly, toss in some mints, advil, your portable charger, and your favorite fragrance (Balenciaga Florabotanica Rollerball $25) and you are good to go gorgeous!!

What are your travel essentials? Leave a comment below if there is something you CANNOT travel without!

P.S. Don’t forget to throw it all in a cute carry on!!


Finding Tranquility at the Meiji Jingu Shrine


Upon entering its main gate on a brisk early morning,  we were overwhelmed with a unique sense of tranquility.

The Meiji shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. After they passed, people wished to commemorate their virtues and to commemorate them forever. Over 100,000 trees from all over Japan and from overseas were donated to form the forest surrounding the shrine and it was established in 1920.

Upon entering Meiji Jingu, one of the first things we noticed were the “Sakedaru” or barrels of rice wine.  These serve as symbols of unity between brewers/worshipers and the divine.  They are symbols of prosperity and are common symbols at Shinto Shrines.

Hidden behind some magical foliage and down through some forest pathways we found Kiyomasa’s Well. This inner garden of Meiji Jingu is believed to be a power source. Kiyomasa’s Well is must-see because Japanese believe it to be source of good luck and positive energy.  Visit the well for yourself to feel the vibes of the atmosphere and dip your hands into a powerful water source.

The most valuable lessons of my travels come from my immersion into the cultures of the places I visit. Whenever I visit a new place I try my best to practice local customs, respect traditions, and understand them.  Each Shinto Shrine has a fountain and some form of incense stand for cleansing.  These customs are based on the idea that one must cleanse/purify themselves prior to entering the shrine.  I stood back to observe what people were doing to be certain I was entering respectfully.  Once I purified myself by pouring water out of the basin into my left hand, right, then left again, I was able to enter in a purified state.

One of the most special memories I made in Tokyo was offering my prayer to the deities of the Meiji Jingu Shrine.  I took a few minutes to sit down, reflect, and write out a prayer.  I remember I prayed for my friends and family back home and simply gave thanks.  Visiting Tokyo has always been a dream of mine and in that moment I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I gave sincere thanks to the deites for the opportunity to be there and for their gift of tranquility.

Of everything I learned about the Shinto religion, the concept of “Magokoro” or “Sincere Heart” stuck out to me the most.  It is a Shinto value that asks you to do your best with a sincere heart.  I found its beauty in the fact that as flawed humans the best we can do is give our sincere-best effort in all we do.  This refreshing and pure outlook has stuck with me since… Just trying to live each day with magokoro.

Always Missing You Tokyo,


TIP: Visit Meiji Jingu early in the morning to skip the crowds and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.  There is a fee to enter the inner garden where Kiyomasa’s well is located-this is a must see.

SUMMER 2015: The Summer of the Shirt Dress


If you are a fashion loving wanderer like I am, you’ll agree that packing for a trip is one of the most exciting aspects of trip planning! As I begin packing for my Eurotrip at the end of this Summer, I find myself obsessed with SHIRT DRESSES!

As I blog/vlog later this summer from all over Europe, expect to see me in this timeless staple. Going on long trips requires expert packing.  The shirt dress allows you to combine two outfits into one. Throw on some cute flat sandals or some converse, some chic shades and you’ve got a comfy, cute day outfit! At night, change into some hot heels, a bold lip, and you’re ready to hit the town!

I have already been wearing this trend since Spring and am in love with the practicability and aesthetic of the shirt dress.  I purchase most of my dresses from and (Please see link below).  It always help to envision outfits prior to packing to make sure you pack outfits you will be happy with and will actually wear while traveling.  I envision myself wearing the blue tie dye dress paired with the espadrilles and panama hat while exploring the French Riviera… The white floral statement dress paired with a strappy pump while eating a romantic dinner in the streets of Florence…

Expect outfit of the day posts starring the shirt dress because I have been wearing this trend non-stop.  I know it is important to be a smart packer-but sometimes I can’t resist packing staple pieces when I travel. Whenever I have amazing days abroad, I can always remember the exact outfit I was wearing.   Remember-photos & memories last a lifetime-go ahead and pack a few irrational pieces.


Enjoy 15% off your next order at with code: lovelycrush26ty

*Expires on 7/12/15

Coastin’ On Camels in Cabo


Eddie & I were able to bond with some pretty quirky camels this past April during our last trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When planning our trips we make sure to include activities that will expose us to some local color & that will provide us with memories to last a lifetime. Day excursions are usually the perfect choice-providing the perfect balance of adventure & culture. While searching for the perfect excursion, I came across “Cabo Adventures” on TripAdvisor (one of my favorite travel planning tools.)  Their company came highly recommended and I knew I would eventually book with them.  We booked the “Outback & Camel Safari” but they also offered many other options such as dolphin & whale shark encounters, zip lining, snorkel, scuba, mountain bike tours- and various other options.  Follow the link below to their page to check out their amazing tours & services.


Upon arrival to Rancho San Cristobal  we boarded our 4×4 trucks to explore the Baja Outback.  This tour was truly an unexpected journey! Who knew a desert could be SO beautiful! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and was a joy to be around.  He was charismatic and dedicated to sharing his knowledge with us.

After a fun ride through the desert and a few photo-ops with cacti-we were off to meet the stars of the tour! The camel ride was the perfect length, comfortable, and memorable.  Where else will you have the opportunity to ride these majestic creatures along crystal clear blue waters?  The views will be engraved in your memory! Our epic ride was filmed by a flying drone that gave us the perfect visual memory-definitely a MUST purchase.

We wrapped up our awesome excursion by enjoying an authentic Mexican lunch and washed it down with tequila tasting.  Cabo Adventures provided one of the most authentic experiences I have ever had while visiting Mexico.  Most importantly, this company truly cares about the well-being of their animals; they offer camel ride lengths that will not over exert the animals and allow them to rest.  Thank you Cabo Adventures for sharing such a special experience with us!

TIP: Always consult TripAdvisor when booking tours/services online to make sure the company you are booking with is trustworthy.


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